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Best Live Mobile Roulette on Topslotsite Review by Randy Hall

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After the invention of the wheel, it slowly found its way to the casino and now you can enjoy fantastic free Best Live Mobile Roulette games straight from your handheld. Roulette has been a long term favourite of the gamblers, being a game of chance. It’s an easy format which attracts huge number of crowds to Play Best Live Mobile Roulette, getting them trying out their luck on it.

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Playing the Best Live Mobile Roulette is quite simple. There are numbers in the board which corresponds to the numbers on the wheel. You bet on the number, or the set of numbers the ball is most probable to drop in on. You can also wager on the colour of the number the ball will land on, which can get you winning an even share of 1:1.

While betting on the colour you can win in an even share of 1:1, if you can manage to wager correctly on the winning number you get a whopping 35:1 win! Guessing the number correctly can get you 35 times of your money, in a flash! Now how’s that?

The Various Types of Online Roulette Wagers at TopSlotSite.com

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There are various kinds of wagers in a simple game of Roulette. You can bet Straight Up, a corner, a line bet, a split bet, etc. Although these might seem like small details, but it is these very small details which can get you winning your game. If you don’t know your bets well, winning at the game of Best Live Mobile Roulette might seem difficult for you.

For those of you who are not yet acquainted with the wager types of the game, why not start with freeplay Mobile Roulette games at TopSlotSite.com. The following will help you get your betting options straight:

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  • Straight Up. This bet is laid on a single number. You put your chips on the number you feel is most likely to win and get 35 times your wagering amount if you win.
  • Split Bet. The split bet is laid between two numbers, if the ball lands on any of the numbers, you get 17 times your wagered money.
  • Corner Bet. The corner bet is laid on four adjacent numbers, similarly if the ball drops on any of them you enjoy 8 times your wagered amount.
  • Street Bet. This is laid down on an entire row of numbers on the table, the maximum amount you can wager on this is the Straight up bet max multiplied by three. Get this right and you can win 11 times your wagered amount.

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  • Four Bet. This is like laying your wagers on the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3 if any one of the number gets lucky, you get winning eight times your money back.
  • Dozen Bet. The roulette table has numbers starting from 0 all the way till 36. A dozen bet is laying your wagers on suppose the first dozen (1-12) if the ball lands in any number between 1 and 12, you can enjoy twice your wagered amount.
  • Line Bet. The line bet allows you to place your wager on six numbers or simply two “streets”. This can get you winning five times your wagered amount.
  • Red/Black Bets. The colour bets are laid on the colour of the number the ball is probably drop into. These get you 1:1 winning of your wagered amount.

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  • High/Low Bets. The numbers in a Roulette game are equally divided into two halves, the one half starting from 1 to 18 another from 19 to 36. You bet on the high or the low, this gets you winning 1:1.
  • Even/Odd Bets. The Even/Odd bets is betting on the winning number being an odd one or an even one. Getting this right can get you winning 1:1 on your wagered amount.


Practice Makes Truly Does you Perfect!

Winning at Best Live Mobile Roulette takes quite an amount of practice, if you are not already acquainted with the game. It is always a good idea to practice TopSlotSite Roulette Games for free. For playing the real money gambles, we suggest that you start off slow, picking up pace as and when you win. Deposit using mobile phone credit from just £10 minimum is a great way to keep your spending in control, and the easiest way to make real money wagers when you’re on the move.

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If you are starting off your real money gambles at the Best Live Mobile Roulette casino, there are various bonuses you can get enjoying with the gambles of your choice. These bonuses add to your deposited real money, allowing you to play for longer stretches and win while doing so. Other than the up to £800 deposit match, additional bonuses which you’ll love include:

  • Live casino welcome bonus: This bonus is quite a helpful one giving you a boost, thus jump starting your online gambles.
  • Refer-a-friend Bonus: This bonus allows you and your fellow Roulette lover friend to enjoy the thrilling bonus amount.
  • Matched reload bonus: This bonus gets you more to enjoy your Roulette games with, every time you put money into your play.
  • Free Spins: What’s not to love?

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Parting Thoughts for the Budding Real Money Roulette Online Player!

TopSlotSite is truly an exceptionally designed online casino that you’re guaranteed to enjoy playing with. With Live Chat Customer services available 24/7, assistance is always close at hand. Register for your free deposit bonus to fully appreciate all that’s on offer – no risk, and no obligation! Remember to always gamble responsibly, and most importantly, have fun!


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