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Gambling, the ultimate source of excitement is as old as human race. But at time when the very thought of online casino was a miracle, Inter Casino actually brought it to reality. It is the oldest online casino of the world and still going great with its amusing casino games.

First Casino and Best of Online Games

Game Master Casinos and Reputed Casino From Decades

Being the first casino of its kind Inter casino maintains its repute as one of the best casino for past nearly two decades. The casino free slots arrayed on the first page of the website seem never ending with limitless options for leisure and gratifying games. The best online options like Blackjack, Roulette, casino quality Poker games, Table games, jackpot games; the list is endless actually! The casino is extremely innovative and launches new casino slots games regularly. It is special feature of Inter casino.

Game Master Casinos

The Live casino does not just exhibit the countless ways of fun but also the extra-board range of betting amount. The player can start betting from £1 and as high as £5,000. The inventor of online casinos has also introduced the live casino dealer. The live dealers are exceptionally professional people who manage the game between the players sitting in various parts of the globe. It could be spinning the casino table games or the casino card games, the dealers are absolutely fair during every step. The dealer actually brings the online casino live to the player. A personalized account is allocated to every player upon registration.

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Dazzling Casino Promotions and Bonus

Attracting casino players to join the Live casino, the Inter casino exhibits countless lists of promotions plans:

Monday Cashback for Losers

  • Welcome bonus of £600: The Live casino provides 100% bonus on the first three deposits. Mere deposit of £25 is required to join the betting race. It is one of most generous promotions introduced, compared to other online casinos.
  • Monday Cashback: On the first day of the week, start it with a wining note and hence the player does not lose anything inspite of losing the bet.
  • InterPoints – The day a player joins Inter casino, a huge amount of loyalty points or interpoints are granted. On collecting 100 points the player wins £1. The player can easy redeem the points using a simple process on the site.
  • A personalised promotion plan for every player: Every registered player of Inter casino can decide the promotion plans using the “My Bonus 4 Life”. This facility on the casino online is free. It is method that can be used by the player for a lifetime. The plan creates a unique bond between the casino and the gamer for lifetime.
  • The King size Jackpot: Inter casino is extremely proud to manage the largest jackpot on the globe. Millionaires Club, paid out a whopper jackpot of £5.9 million. The long list of jackpot games, jackpot slots, a jackpot casino and casino playing cards provides the gambler with huge opportunity to gain awesomely.
  • Only Fun Games: The players who just want to have the thrilling fun of gaming can play just for fun. In case of fun games, no deposit is required. Play for Fun and amplitude of fun swells with every next bet!

Promotion Plan for Every Player

It’s the only place on Internet to bestow so much. Why go any where else? Register Now!

Heritage Casino at Intercasino

First in the Mobile Live Casino Revolution With Security

Inherited Casino Games

Inter casino developed the first online casino is still maintains the rapport of providing its players with the most updated tools for gaming. The casino leverages the best animation and gaming tools in the market. The transfer of information is through the most secure network layer. It is hence extremely foolproof of losing any private information of the players.

Find Only Fun Games

  1. It has initiated the first casino mobile technology.
  2. It is friendly with the all handsets like Android phone, Blackberry and iPad.
  3. No need for any additional download
  4. The website is designed for ease and pleasure of the customers.
  5. Provides 24*7 support on phone and email.

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Online Live Casino Invention of a Need

To lead a change is usual, but to be the change is not. To initiate the play of casino gambling on the web include a revolution in the world of Live casinos. The place for some privileged was now in the hands of “anyone “placed “anywhere “on the planet. Inter casino brought the online gambling live on every PC, mobile or any handset. It still carries its legacy of been the first and the best casino. Don’t ever miss it!

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