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Live Casino for Android Review by Randy Hall

Live Casino for Android

Roulette the Ageless Ruler with Live Casino for Android

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The spinning wheel of Roulette has witnessed the casino cheers for many decades. The gambling favorite for many around globe, has found a special place in every Live Casino for Android. There are also certain casinos whose nucleus is Roulette only. They have every form of Roulette and all ways to attract Roulette players.

Casino for Android

The Total Gold casino is an online casino for many games, but Roulette is the key player. The live Casino for Android phones is best in the world for Roulette players.

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Roulette Ranges from European to French

The Roulette Wheel has changed into various forms to entertain its clients. The two important versions of Roulette are:

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European Roulette from Live Casino For Android

European Roulette is a unique form of Roulette played by many players. The online casino live per Android also allows the interaction of many players around the globe with the live dealer to help. The live dealer is like “life” of the game. The social bond created through friendly interaction between the players is what keeps the player hooked. The game goes beyond bets, wins and gains.

Free Spins Bonus

This online live casino on Android is extremely transparent where the player is allowed to change the camera angle. The players can view the real dealer spinning the wheel and the fairness of the game is sustained.The procedure of the game is quiet similar to the traditional Roulette game. The players wager on a number and waits for the spinning ball to stop at the desired destination. The player is allowed to select the chip size, clicking on the section of the board. The player can re-bet on the same strategy or clear and change the section of betting. The player can bet on even/odd, red/black number.

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French Roulette

The French version of Roulette is as vibrant like its name with 37 coloured pockets and just a single 0. The Roulette wheel looks like spinning away at the back of the table. This gives a visual of live casino for Android phone with chairs and table.

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French Roulette is just one of the variants of roulette found in live casino for Android website. In this dazzling little slot game, the player will find the roulette wheel casually spinning away at the back of the table, as it looks like real live casino table, complete with chairs and patterned carpet underneath. This slot really does give a lifelike experience of roulette game in a live casino for Android smart phone.

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The procedure of the live casino for Android games goes with the player selecting the chips to bet on. The player can bet on number or colour (red or black). The options to bet are unlimited starting from selecting a colour and winning on any number of that colour. Like the European version the player can bet on lower high or upper high numbers.

Deposit £20

Promotional for Roulette, with Live Casino for Android

The promotions of Total Gold, the live casino for Android system, specifically for Roulette freaks are:

  • Welcome bonus of £10 on selecting any of the Roulette game
  • On spinning the Golden wheel, the player wins a free cash, whether it’s a win or a loss
  • On winning the Golden Wheel spin bet, the player gets another chance to spin and raise the golden bar
  • A mere first deposit of £40 to win prizes ranging from £40 – £1000
  • Generous deposit 200% on the second deposit

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Specially designed for R-Lovers

The live casino for Android iPhone on Total Gold casino has special pages for Roulette games, with the details of the game, promotional plans explained separately. The site has the best animation technology and secure payment methods.

  1. Its compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows devices
  2. It is the perfect live casino for Android tablets.
  3. The European Roulette live casino for Android software is designed with 3D animation effect
  4. The website is extremely simple to navigate and select the desired game slot

24/7 Customer Support

  1. The flash slot are designed with the latest technology delivering great graphic effects
  2. 24*7 support on phone, email and chat

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Keep gaming with the Spinning wheel on Live Casino of Android

The magic of the technical terms like Android and Flash has brought the best of Roulette effects to every one’s reach. The live casino for Android studio gives its visitors the true Roulette feel. The running ball on the spinning wheel is waiting for just a click for the magic to unveil. What is your number?

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European Roulette

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